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My Stagedoor Family: A Multi-Genre Tribute by Lori J. Mann:

My Stagedoor Family is a woman's tribute to her celebrated grandparents, Jack and Jean Mann. In this brilliantly crafted collection of personal and familial accounts, Ms. Mann blends the history of her grandfather's pioneering work in theatrical sound design with the story of her family's New England summer cottage, Stagedoor, built during the Great Depression. The reader will experience an immediate sense of affection for this story as Ms. Mann writes of her emotional connection to the cottage and the appreciation she holds for her grandparents and the rest of her Stagedoor family.

Author, Lori J. Mann tells us first hand what My Stagedoor Family is all about:

My Stagedoor Family tells the story of my family's New Hampshire summer cottage, Stagedoor, which my paternal grandfather helped build during the Great Depression. When I began writing this book, I intended to focus on the history of my grandparents and the intergenerational stories within our family, all of which would be written during my summer vacations at Stagedoor Camp.

I made the decision to write this book because four years ago, when I was twenty-six years old, I realized that I didn't know my grandparents as intimately as I always thought I did. I began to learn a lot about them as working people in the theatre, and I was immediately fascinated by Gramp's pioneering work in the field of sound design on Broadway. In attempt to recreate their stories in written form, I conducted extensive interviews which have enabled me to tell them here with the utmost accuracy.

My Stagedoor Family is a multi-genre piece consisting, in part, of oral history, memoir of place, personal memoir, and stream of consciousness. I believe the latter is the most accurate representation of my voice, as stream of consciousness is wholly indicative of how I express myself in spoken language.
Though these stories were born over the course of several generations, My Stagedoor Family was written from 2007 to 2010. In its initial form, this book was my thesis project in graduate school. After defending my thesis and obtaining my Master's degree in Writing, I decided that I needed time to create a distance between the stories and myself. I vowed to come back to it when I was ready. After fifteen months, I was.

I have taken my profound interest in my grandparents' accounts and combined it with my passion for writing, hence preserving the legacy of our special place in the mountains for the generations to come.